Photography provided by Rhonda Morgan

Cancer diagnosis to Thriver in a matter of months. We were the least likely sort of people to seek out a natural or alternative path of care. Diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in 2014, Kim was cancer free by October of that year. No Chemo and no Radiation. I ran the gauntlet with her in solidarity. I lost 110 pounds and we both experienced massive health transformations. 


From patient to practitioner, protestor to passionate bridge builder 

MRI's showed massive reductions in tumor size every 30 days. We were excited to share the details of the non toxic remedies that we had engaged in. Instead of accepting the information and the evidence, Oncology fought us. Then attacked us. It would get worse before it would get better. We emerged grateful for the outcome despite Doctors desperate pressures to cut, burn and poison. We were also righteously angry. We saw that the world needed to know the truth about cancer. We were no longer the Patient, we had become the Protestor.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete..
— R. Buckminster Fuller, Theorist and Challenger

The phone began to ring and emails starting pouring in. People were asking for help and guidance. They wanted to know if our cure would fit their crisis with Cancer. I had been busy about deconstructing the protocol we used and the details of our journey together through her cancer. I spent months on end reviewing published studies, analyzing the ingredients and methods of the protocol, and reaching out to anyone. I invested over a 100 hours in accredited Continuing Medical Education programs. I met with hundreds of doctors and researchers. I had widened the net to bypass the close minds of Oncology. There were so many studies that showed that much of the disease we face, suffer in, and die from could be reversed. My first torch to carry was Nutrigenomics. The coming months would bring an illumination of Epigenetics, Microbiome, Environmental exposures, the impact of Stress, and the shocking reality of Love. Kim and I had become the Practitioners. Our initial anger would shift, and give way to a burning desire to bring a solution in place of a complaint or criticism. Providence would bring us all the right people. We would find brothers and sisters who had the same experience, similar passions, and a willingness to serve our fellow man. I had met so many Medical Doctors, Researchers, Nurses, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Oriental Medicine Practitioners, and Health Advocates. I saw them as heroes trapped in a broken system that was rapidly devolving. I became inspired to grow again and to become a Bridge Builder.  

the mission - CLICK HERE to take action

  • Believe that NOW is the time.
  • Collect the evidence and let it persuade even the strongest cynic.
  • Invite both sides to come together and see our sameness, and not focus on the differences.
  • Let the EGO die, or at the very least, learn to restrain it. 
  • Be the model. Live the life. Make the choices that demonstrate vibrancy and health. Let go of the old values.  
  • Meet the crisis  of cancer head on with better solutions and outcomes.
  • Invite others, create the space
  • Adopt an attitude of OPEN SOURCE. The world needs it.