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We are what we eat. Our food system has been hijacked and we have been super sold to. Convenience and price now outweighs quality and health.

System 2: reduce stress and find the healing power of stillness

Lifestyle stress is considered a major risk factor for developing disease.

system 3: the role of support. 

Support comes in many forms. Too often there is friction from family members and loved ones. They are afraid and they don’t know how to process what you are going through. Sometimes our medical care providers think they serve us best by trying to scare us out of independent thought.

System 4: Belief

The power of can be described in 5 facets: Belief in Self, Belief in your Support Team, Belief in your Treatment Decisions, Belief that Cancer is Temporary, and Belief that there is a Purpose.

System 5: Exercise

The human body is designed to move. We have become far to sedentary. But what kinds of movement add to the body’s ability to heal.

System 6: Microbiome health

The majority of our immune system is modulated from our guts. Our microbiome is a complex system of biota.

System 7: emotional wellbeing