Reversing Cancer and Building Better Models of Health


There are better ways of treating disease. We are living proof. So are the many people we have helped. Now it is time to up-level the conversation, organize the evidence, and inspire an entire nation. It is official. We have joined the Visionaries at Puerta a la Vida in Costa Rica. We have answered the call. We are sounding the horns.

"We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims." - R. Buckminster Fuller

We are looking for others who are feeling called to be the Collaborators, the Designers, the Architects, the Engineers, and the Constructors of a new model of better living, less disease, and more meaningful community. We are positive that this can be expressed in part time living, inspiring vacations, beautiful experiences and even full time living. Imagine less work, more play, bigger smiles, better food, and more powerful community!            If you were invited to bring vision, value and impact, what would you bring?


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