There are Pioneers, there are Innovators. The Founders of Puerta a la Vida are both...

Dr. Ion zaydelman: Founder/CEO & EDWARD ZAYDELMAN: CO-FOUNDER


Dr. Ion Zaydelman - The visionary leader. Holding a PhD in Applied Mathematics and an extraordinary career spanning continents and innumerable successful businesses, Dr. Zaydelman is the architect of this vision. Driven by an overwhelming personal desire to positively impact the lives of his fellow human beings, Dr. Zaydelman began with a simple premise and then sought out the experts in every related field to bring forward one of the most innovative and exciting development projects on the planet. His background in international development, engineering, and wellness create synergy that allows him to craft this vision to its true potential.

Edward Zaydelman - A hands on leader, Edward oversees much of operations, communications, and marketing in conjunction with a collective of some of the best and brightest minds in the field, both in the United States and Costa Rica. Having lived 8 years in Costa Rica, he also curates much of the events and experiences at Puerta a la Vida. Holding degrees in Real estate, hospitality, and economics from New York University, Edward is responsible for much of the day to day operations in Costa Rica as well as articulating and communicating the grand vision of Puerta a la Vida. 

Jorge Arias Mora - President Jorge is born and raised in Costa Rica graduated Law from Universidad de Costa Rica.